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At D5S Software Solutions, we design the best-updated websites and software solutions for our clients to achieve business goals. Our website development team has put their years of experience in understanding the nitty-gritty of online promotion and using the social media platform to promote a business. The website creation is a basic part to get oneself indulges in the bigger social media platform. We develop attractive business web pages for every business concern. D5S Software Solutions is a unique platform that has combined years of IT experiences and expertise in software and design services to deliver nothing but the best to suffice the immediate need of the digital industry. The online, self-paced digital marketing requirement in today’s competitive market has been profoundly designed to make sure that every individual and business organization seeking to enhance their digital marketing requirement can easily accommodate with the latest state of art technology. The immense marketing potential for a product or a service of any business house cannot be limited to geographical boundaries, neither it can be tied to a particular marketing budget. We develop the initial framework to give the client the best understanding of the future outlook of the website, then only we host the final page on the internet. We use various IT tools like WordPress, PHP, Javascript etc, to get the best output.We have  gathered profound knowledge and skill to provide extensive quality result on various domain, like Web Hosting, Web Development, Website Maintenance, Online Marketing, Online Survey, Online Promotions, Search Engine Optimization ,Logo Designing, Graphic Designing, Multimedia Presentation, Software Development Services and Solutions, Customized ERP Solutions & Consulting , Corporate Branding to our numerous national and global clientele.

Responsible management of D5S Software Solutions believes in effective team work. We proudly possess dedicated and skilled web designers, web developers, testers, SEO analysts and content writers in our organization. Our efficient web hosting helps our clients to get a perfectly secured and high-speed webpage. Talking about the marketing department we have specialized SEO team that enables any form of business to fetch top rank on the search engine result page and earns maximum brand reputation. D5S Software Solutions works as an umbrella with each of its departments acting as spokes to safeguard the business from every online threat and giving the maximum reach to achieve the best reviews.

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How can D5S assist your business?

Planning to start your business or having difficulties to meet your goals? Always ask yourself this two questions. What you want and what your potential customers want?  We at D5S Software Solutions understand the needs of our client and proceed accordingly. We design the first draft to get an initial idea about the client’s vision and add features thereafter. Listening to their ideas help us to make our design more perfect. It is important to understand how they visualize their future website. After compiling their inspiration we prepare the Wireframe, this is basically the blueprint of the webpage that gives a visual structure to the brand, using various designing deliverable tools consisting of fonts, colors and interface elements that visually communicate the essence of the brand. After getting the layout design done by using proper framework tools like Photoshop, Corel, Illustrator, etc we get it approved by the client and proceed to deploy it.

After getting the confirmation from the client and selecting the basic design, the next process involves developing the website. There are numerous steps to develop the website. The first step involves in making the database for the website.  At this time the designer collects all the graphical elements from the initial framework and use them to create an actual and functional site. The designer prepares a data flow diagram to define each structure of the website. Using various technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript shape the way the user interacts with the information. A whole lot of detailed planning and post-launch maintenance gets done simultaneously. The developer implements proper coding and prepares the framework and CMS to ensure that the server can handle the installation set up.

In a nutshell, hosting enables your website to get stored on the internet. Apart from the fact that hosting enables to make the business visible to the public, we at D5S Software Solutions find the best hosting server to deploy your website to get more secure and speed to the page. Also, a proper hosting helps to make the website more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. Hosting can do in various ways like, shared hosting, VPS (which is also a part of cloud hosting) or dedicated hosting, depending on the need of the client’s objectives. After selecting the hosting channel, the development team deploys the code on the hosting channel to make the website visible. Proper installation of software and coding is done to prepare the final layout of the webpage.

Basically, Testing is starts from the time of development. The tester runs the test on very unit structure prepared at the time of developing the website, after the design gets approved. The tester helps to find out any bugs and error that can cause the website run improperly. Accordingly, the development team creates and edit the website. At D5S Software Solutions, we have the best testing process so that at the time of delivery of the project, the client receives the exact result he desired for.

Becoming a part of D5S Software Solutions not only helps a business to develop a website but also allows promoting the webpage through various online and social media instruments. At D5S Software Solutions, we feel it is our responsibility to provide every service that needs to cater when a business or individual goes for an expansion and establishing the brand. We provide best solutions to the information application problems that organizations face that use the electronic medium for doing their business.

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